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We have installed many many hundreds of meters of hard flooring. When you are committing hundreds to thousands of pounds to your floor the most important person is the fitter you choose.  We have all the professional tools and many years experience to provide that perfect finish a good floor deserves.


Flooring doesn’t lend itself to dramatic pictures, so here is some technical information and points to bear in mind

Engineered wood flooring has the same aesthetic benefits as solid wood, although it is designed with structural integrity in mind. Engineered flooring is made of a top layer of solid hardwood 3-6mm thick, bonded with high quality moisture-resistant adhesive (in line with British and European standards) onto a base layer of plywood. This construction results in a moisture-resistant hybrid wood flooring that is more tolerant to changes in temperature and relative humidity, displaying very little to no expansion/contraction due to the cross bonding of layers. Unlike sold wood, sanding engineered flooring is governed by the thickness of the wear layer. You can fit engineered wood flooring just the same way you would fit a solid wood floor, but one of the most popular fitting methods on smaller domestic areas (no more than 30m2) is to ‘float’ the floors using an appropriate flooring underlay. Again, as the top layer of engineered flooring boards share the same properties as solid wood, you can apply oil or lacquer finish of your choice.Not only will you achieve the same look and feel of solid wood flooring with an engineered floor, but you also get the benefit of strength and stability throughout the floorboards. Also, due to its’ structural properties, engineered wood flooring is suitable to lay on top of under-floor heating systems, which is a more common trend consumers are now turning to.


In our experience plywood backed engineered floor is the best natural floor to buy. It is the most expensive. The high price comes from selected finished layers from the wood of your choice (usually oak, beach or walnut). A premium floor will have a 6mm or more of the chosen material (this is the wearing layer and the more you pay will get you a knot free surface. This is backed with hardwood multi layer plywood.  The reverse can be said, the less you pay the thinner the finishing layer and cheaper the plywood the less stable the floor will be.

Solid wood flooring is made from a strip of solid wood milled directly from the tree. The thickness will range from 15mm to 20mm, with the benefit of sanding and refinishing the floorboards over several generations of use. The floorboards can be finished with oil or lacquer that varies in durability depending on the traffic you receive on the boards. Solid wood flooring can also be used to form steps and other features where the edge is displayed. As timber is a natural product, solid wood floors will expand and contract with changes to the relative humidity of where it’s installed. To accommodate for the floors’ seasonal changes, an expansion gap between the floor and the wall is required. This is usually covered by the skirting board or matching bead. Solid wood flooring can be nailed or screwed down onto existing floorboards, joists, battens and chipboard/plywood. If you have a solid subfloor such as concrete, you can glue your floorboards down or ‘float’ your floor by using a suitable underlay, like our X-Pro Tack and Envoy-Multi adhesive wood floor underlay that have thermal, sound-proof and damp-proof properties. Solid wood is arguably the most durable choice when it comes to installing wood flooring, although care must be taken when fitting your floors as the timber will absorb any moisture present in the subfloors. So with the correct preparation and professional advice, you will be able to achieve and enjoy the warmth and charm of installing solid wood flooring in your home or office.